Physicians / Specialists

Primary Care Physicians (PCP):

When you join Seaside Health Plan, you need to choose a Primary Care Physician (also called a PCP).  Your Primary Care Physician gives you your primary care and coordinates the care you need from other providers. Look for a Primary Care Physician you feel comfortable with and can talk to about all of your health concerns and think of your doctor as your partner in your health care. Please be sure to call the office to make sure the doctor you want is taking new patients.

Your Primary Care Physician can be:

  • A doctor of internal medicine (for adults 18 years and older)
  • A family medicine specialist (for adults and children of all ages)
  • A pediatrician (for children up to age 18)
  • An OB-GYN (for women)



To see a Specialist or another provider, you usually need a referral from your Primary Care Physician and prior authorization from either your Medical Group or SHP. If you do not get the required referral and prior authorization and you get the service or treatment, you may have to pay all of the cost.


Your Specialist can be a physician who is not a general practitioner, internist, family medicine physician, pediatrician, gynecologist, or obstetrician.

If you are unable to find your Primary Care Physician and/or Specialist, please contact us at 1-844-805-8700