Access to Health Care Services

The Provider Directory is a list of contracted Seaside Health Plan doctors. Doctors listed as Primary Care Providers (PCP) are responsible to help you coordinate your health care needs. PCPs are available within your general geographic area. Seaside Health Plan encourages you to choose a PCP.

There are times when your condition may require services and procedures not available in your PCP office. Your PCP may wish to order additional testing, treatment or evaluation by a Specialist. Seaside Health Plan ensures you have access to Specialist close to where you live.

Our contracted PCPs and Specialists will make sure you can get an appointment with your doctor in a timely manner.

Seaside Health Plan requires providers comply with the DMHC guidelines for appointment availability.

Our goal is for you to obtain health care services in a timely manner appropriate for your health care needs. If you cannot get a timely appointment in your area, we will help you locate a provider who can meet your health care needs.

You can call your PCP or Specialist 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week to talk to a qualified health professional to decide if your health problem is urgent. If someone needs to call you back, they must call you within 30 minutes.

Click Here for Seaside Health Plan’s Primary and Specialty Care Services Provider Directory.

Click Here to contact our Member Services if you need assistance in locating health care providers.