Finding a Participating Pharmacy

Our pharmacy network includes major drugstore chains as well as a variety of independent pharmacies. You can find a Participating Pharmacy by calling Pharmacy Customer Service at (844) 513-6001, emailing at or using the Pharmacy Search.

Using a Participating Pharmacy

You can control the cost of your prescription drugs by using our network of Participating Pharmacies. Participating Pharmacies have agreed to charge you not more than the prescription drug maximum allowed amount.

Using a Non-Participating Pharmacy

If you choose to fill your prescription at a non-Participating Pharmacy, your costs may increase. You will likely need to pay for the entire amount of the prescription and then submit a prescription drug claim form for reimbursement to us.

Using Mail Order for Home Delivery

If you take a prescription drug on a regular basis, you may want to take advantage of our mail service program.  For details, please visit the Mail Order page.