Mail Order

For your convenience, Seaside Health Plan offers a Mail Order option so your medication can be delivered to your home through Postal Prescription Services.

  • To order prescriptions by mail, please download and submit the Mail Order Form
  • To order by phone, please call 1 (800) 552-6694

How to Order New Prescription

If you take the same medication for months at a time, you’ll often find that getting your prescription through the mail will be easier and less expensive than getting them from your local pharmacy. However, prescription mail order services should not be used for medications you need immediately (sooner than two weeks.)

For maintenance medications you need to start taking right away, you may ask your doctor for two prescriptions. One for a small supply to be filled at your local pharmacy for immediate use, and one for the mail service pharmacy. Remember to ask the doctor to write the mail order prescription for the maximum quantity your plan allows and for one year of refills (if the law allows). Then mail them to Postal Prescription

Services following these easy steps:

  1. On the front of each new prescription, print clearly:
    1. The member’s name and relationship to the primary covered person (e.g., self, spouse, child)
    2. The member’s ID number from the primary covered person’s plan
  2. Be sure the prescribing doctor’s name is clearly indicated.
  3. Complete the order form including payment information.
  4. Provide a street address for delivery. (Note: Some medications, such as narcotics and drugs requiring refrigeration are restricted from delivery to a post office box.)
  5. Send your prescriptions, completed order form, and a co-pay in the envelope provided. A new order form and envelope will be returned with each Postal Prescription Service delivery.

How to Order Refills

If your doctor has prescribed a refill, then Postal Prescription Service will send you a refill slip with your medication order. When you need the refill, just detach the refill slip and mail it back with your completed order form and co-pay. If you cannot locate your refill slip, list the prescription numbers and the names of the medication on the order form. The prescription number is located in the upper left-hand corner of the label on your medication container. Refills may also be ordered by phone by calling the toll-free number. Please remember to have your credit card information and the prescription numbers you would like to order ready. You can also order refills through our website at

Delivery Time

Please allow two weeks for delivery from the date you mail your order. Your order will be delivered to the address you requested by United Parcel Services or first class US mail. In case of emergency, prescriptions can be shipped overnight for an additional charge to you. Postal Prescription Service is open for business Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 Am to 2:00 PM Pacific Time.