Specialty Pharmacy

Seaside Health Plan offers specialty pharmacy through US Bioservices. US Bioservices has provided specialty medications and services that improve patients’ lives for nearly 20 years. US Bioservices understands the issues patients face and are committed to supporting them throughout their therapy by providing compassionate care and in-depth knowledge.  For more information about US Bioservices, please refer to the Specialty Pharmacy Brochure.

To initiate or transfer your prescription, contact US Bioservices toll free at 1 (888) 518-7246 or ask your physician to call.

Specialty medications are usually dispensed as an injectable drug but may be available in other forms, such as a pill or inhalant. They are used to treat complex conditions.  Prescriptions for specified specialty pharmacy drugs are covered only when ordered through the specialty pharmacy program unless you are given an exception from the specialty drug program. The specialty pharmacy program will deliver your medication to you by mail or common carrier (you cannot pick up your medication). You may have to pay the full cost of a specialty pharmacy drug if it is not obtained from the specialty pharmacy program. Specialty drugs that must be obtained through the specialty pharmacy program are limited to a 30 day supply for each fill.